Ganesh Works We do more than you think!
Owner Bill Cavins standing by one truck of the fleet

As general and electrical contractors, Ganesh Works Inc. tackles all sorts of residential household repair needs. We install small things like door bells, faucets and smoke alarms. We make your home like new again by installing new light fixtures, toilets, garbage disposals and traditional water heaters. We really love making energy efficient improvements like installing whole house fans & ceiling fans, on-demand tankless water heaters, photovoltaic solar panels and electric car recharging stations. If you need more power, we can upgrade your electrical panel.

Ganesh Works owner Bill Cavins became acquainted with the elephant-headed Hindu god Ganesh (Gun-esh) during his time in Nepal with the Peace Corps. Ganesh is considered a protector of the household and associated with water, knowledge, and overcoming obstacles, making him a perfect avatar for our business.

Our cool Ganesh trucks are a familiar sight all over Davis!
On the job, Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

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Find the permits that you need for building projects in Davis.

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For more information regarding permits and inspections Read this. Understanding permits and inspections are an important part of most home improvement projects.

city of davis building permits
what we do and don't do

The Ganesh Fixit Shop still exists as a place to bring stuff to be fixed. Vacuums, lamps, and power tools can usually be repaired. But please no more toasters, blenders or hairdryers which are not made to be repaired.

We do reglue and repair chairs and other small furniture. We do minor welding, soldering, and gluing. If anyone can figure out how to get one of those Dyson vacuums apart, we might be able to work on them.

We repaired a duck plucking machine once. If parts don't have to be ordered, most things are fixed in a week and usually get done on Saturday morning when the boss is there. Click Here for a full list of what we do and don't fix.