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whole house fans

whole house fan rebates from PG&EAt the end of a hot day, the air mass inside a house heats up and becomes stuffy—especially on second floors. A whole house fan will draw cooler outside air in through the windows and throughout your home. When it's cooler outside than inside—around 8pm in summer months—opening up a bedroom window and turning on a whole house fan will create a breeze that can make a huge difference when you are ready to get to sleep.

Ganesh Works Inc. installs Quiet Cool whole house fans that meet the latest City of Davis requirements for energy efficiency.

For information and answers to some frequently asked questions, check out our Whole House Fan FAQ.

crossbar ceiling fans

We sell and install quiet, cooling Hunter and Casablanca ceiling fans. Ceiling fans can help you reduce your energy use all year long. Hunter estimates that buy using their fans all throughout the year you can save up to 47% on summer cooling coast and up to 15% on winter heating bills. And many Hunter fans carry the ENERGY STAR symbol and some models are equipped with highly efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, making them California 24 compliant for maximum energy savings.


    Attic Fans:

Cooling the attic makes the ceiling below radiate less heat. Attic fans expel hot attic air and draw in cooler outside air—even if it is 100 degrees outside, it's still cooler that the stagnant attic air! Attic fans are thermostatically controlled and run when it gets hot in the attic, whether they are gable mounted or roof mounted. Because they run a lot in our Summers, they don't last more than 5 or 10 years, but they aren't that expensive to replace after the wiring is in place.


    Bath exhaust fans:

If you're considering upgrading your bath exhaust fan or adding a new one, we highly recommend the Panasonic Whisper line. Well-built and super quiet, Panasonic Whispers are the best bath exhaust fans in market.

Current City of Davis code requires that any new or replaced exhaust fan be controlled by a dehumidistat—a sensor that can be mounted in place of a wall switch that automatically turns the bath exhaust fan on when condensation and humidity is present, reducing the growth of mold and mildew. The Panasonic Whisper Sense has a built-in dehumidistat.