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solar installations

Ganesh Works has done several installations for existing homes under PG&E's California Solar Initiative and also for new homes through CEC's New Homes Solar Program. We are registered with the California Energy Commission and we're a dealer for Solar Depot — we even have clean-and-green photovoltaic solar panels on our own building at 1606 Olive Drive.

While it is not possible to "zero-out" your PG&E bill since there are fixed meter charges, an extensive solar system could get your monthly electrical bill below $20.00. However, our goal when designing a solar system for our customers is to eliminate any energy expense above Tier 2. Because of PUC requirements, price increases are more likely for higher tier rates than for the baseline, according to PG&E reps. Solar panels can help keep your bill in the baseline range, and customers with bills in Tier 3 and above will see the quickest payback from their solar investment.

If you would like a free estimate for solar installation for your home or business, call for an appointment or contact us through our contact page.

crossbar solar rebates from pg&e