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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Most modern electric plug-in vehicles have a standard receptacle on the car that will accept Level 1 and Level 2 residential recharging stations.

plugging power into the car

    Level 1

Bill, the Owner of Ganesh Works, has a Nissan Leaf and it comes with a Level 1 charger that can be plugged into any 20A, 120V circuit. This can be a kitchen utility circuit, a laundry circuit or a new 20A garage circuit (most garages built before 2010 only have 15A). The Level 1 charger draws 16 amps at 120V. If Bill's Leaf is completely discharged, the Level 1 charger cannot completely recharge the battery overnight—between midnight and 7am, the lowest electrical rate hours. However, if he drives only 30-40 miles a day, the Level 1 charger can completely recharge the battery overnight. He plugs in the Leaf when he gets home and a built-in timer does the rest.

car plugged into the charging station

    Level 2

The Level 2 charger requires 240V, which in most cases means you need a new dedicated circuit. Leaf buyers will be offered Nissan's "approved" charger, which is actually a good deal—but the Nissan installation contractors are not. If you need a new circuit for your charger the cost of installing a Level 2 system versus a Level 1 system is minimal. Both require a building permit, which will be included in the bid estimate Ganesh prepares for you.

    Level 3

Level 3 charging stations are commercial stations that provide a full charge in half an hour. The city of Davis has been awarded a grant to provide 3 of them, though not all electric cars can accept level 3 charging.

Bill and his family are really pleased with their Leaf and he would be happy to provide you with the charging facility you need for your new plug-in vehicle.